What’s New, Cupcake: ingeniously simple designs for any occasion

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  • Susan Tunis says:
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    cake that is not only a name more … 15 April 2010
    Susan Tunis (San Francisco, CA) –

    review is from: What New , Cupcake: ingeniously simple designs for any occasion (Paperback)
    “Cupcaking”, it seems, is in the ranks of words such as connected “Scrapbooking”. Where a cupcake was a pleasure, it’s now a craft project. I must admit that I came to this book with a misconception. I thought the goal was to create something good to eat. Is not it. What is new is a triumph of style over substance Cake. To eat of this book, the creations is not only irrelevant, it is on the brink of sacrilege.
    Of course, I’m an old bakery, or at least one cut from another cloth. “Recipes” cake mixes and the use of Twinkies and mini-donuts as additional components are an abomination to me. Now that my prejudices were leaked, I admit: Photos of the projects in this book are incredible. Completed projects are beautiful – closer to sculptures snacks. For the baker who aspires such exploits, this book should be informative and inspiring in equal parts. For
    dinosaurs like me who, it is also interested in the health of their cupcakes, the appeal are certainly useful information. I suggest using real recipes as a starting point. But there is much that can be learned about the way of ice and frost, how to textures, creative ways to make sweets and other decorative items and use more. It can make you a more ambitious level of creativity.
    This is a book for extreme cupcaker. There may be more of you out there that I realize. For you may be the Bible Cupcaking this book. For cupcakers moderate like me, take what you can in the book, then “ooh” and “aah” over the beautiful pictures.
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  • La Blue Eyes says:
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    egg shape useful tips 29 May 2010

    The Blue Eyes (Fremont, CA) –

    This review ( What’s )
    This review is available at: What’s New, Cupcake : ingeniously simple designs for any occasion (Paperback)
    I enjoy this book and find recipes to be very creative. Everyone else who whines that the revenues are cute to look at but should not look edible to their boring cake recipe and icing Duo stick. I can tell you now, they will never collect not pay much attention to a party like the recipes in this book. first
    The recipe I tried this book was the Easter eggs, the eggs requires pouring molten plastic Easter candy eggs. After a frustrating time might get an egg on 8, no mold release I found myself with only three and broken to break one half of the candy eggs and a series of experiments years. second
    The recipe I tried was “just cracked” or eggs on the back of the book. I was afraid to do it again forms eggs, but this time I came up with some ideas and it works! So I my ideas along over, so that she might be someone else in the same problems as I ran to help.
    secondment, I filled the inside eggs with melted candy and then a brush to cover the bald spots. A knife or spoon do not work because they scrape the sides.
    stingy with the candy you do not melt itself. If the candy spread too thin, it will break. If I change the color of the egg clearly through the candy I want to add, to see more.
    With a squeeze bottle I spread a layer more candy melt along the inside edge of the plastic egg on a page. After it cools, this layer to cure and a “lip” exceeds its candy to grab with your fingers if you need to enter a location and create too much pressure on the sides and break the candy in the egg I
    the molds in the freezer because I was too impatient for the refrigerator. I do not know if it changed anything, but they were very hard, as I went.
    Then came the release has always been a challenge, because even with greased plastic eggs, the candy would not come out, no matter how much you typed or drag from the inside the egg. So I tried a different approach. While still cold from the freezer I have a hair dryer and used outside of the egg. It only takes a few seconds and you need to evenly distribute warm air from all sides (not less obvious) or you will melt the candy. Exert pressure prudent and enter the “lip” that you created easily slide the egg. If it does not heat up a little more.
    With this technique, I do not have the break, which was a change from my experience with the previous recipe. The result was amazing with candy eggs when it is used in egg cartons, has many customers assume that they were real eggs. I will recommend this recipe definitely be back and I hope that these tips help someone does not give receipts “egg”



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  • tmtrvlr says:
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    Too cute for words 19 March 2010

    tmtrvlr (United States) –

    ” h3color tiny “> This review is from: What’s New, Cupcake: ingeniously simple designs for any occasion (Paperback)
    What me the most striking What’s new cake is photography by Alan Richardson. The pictures are so vibrant and colorful that they seem to almost jump on the sides. It is a good book format, about 9 “x 10”, so they cute pictures of detailed size and. The cover photo cupcakes with “Rubber Ducks” is too cute for words.
    What’s new cake starts with a list of materials and tools, a craft book. Nothing unusual is required, and most of the elements that are already in hand, with the exception of the variety of colorful sweets. Instructions for decorating cupcakes are clear and drawings by Karen Tack are fun and very decorative. The chapter first
    , April Fool’s Play, has small cakes as something completely different, what to look for. The little cakes that would like a sub sandwich or a banana split look you say? There are sections with ideas for every holiday and party ideas for kids and adults
    Just a few examples of titles are design.
    Busy Bees (honeycomb cupcakes)
    the word Mom (Cake Beautiful Flowers)
    fur balls and strings Monsters (you have to see it!)
    Apples Shower (Baby Faces)
    A Frost Knit Two (knitting needles and son – my favorite)
    With the instructions decorative front dressed quick recipes cake mix for cupcakes, icing and sugar cookies
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