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Passion for baking
Despite all the time and dedication she's put into quilting, there is one activity she enjoys more: baking. “I like to bake more than I like to quilt,” Long says. She is known in the area for her baked goods, especially Salted Nut Rolls, which are the …
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Flour Made From Coffee May Be the Next Big Thing in Baking
The chestnut-hued powder has a rich flavor a bit like roasted fruit, and lends baked goods a hint of fruitiness on the finish. Taste, however, is just one of the flour's selling points. The creators of CoffeeFlour have lofty goals for it, and hope the …
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See inside stricken Alton Towers monorail which broke down, leaving
An Alton Towers visitor trapped for an hour in searing heat on its broken-down monorail told how passengers gasped for fresh air as they waited for help. Pictures taken by Anna Reece showed theme park customers inside a broken-down carriage at the sun …
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