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Sugar-seasoned steak provides hints of sweetness
In several food magazines this summer, I've come across a juicy grilled steak. But a dive into the recipes proved they were anything but standard. Most recipes offered different, sure-fire techniques. In one, in the Bon Appétit June issue, a chef …
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Ask the Test Kitchen: Why flat iron is one of my favorite cuts of beef
Many stores sell flat iron steaks packaged in 11/4- to 13/4-pound steaks. One steak will easily feed four. Although we did not get executive chef Derik Watson's recipe for all the components of Bistro 82's dish, today I am sharing a favorite flat iron …
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The Trick To Making Flank Steak As Tender As New York Strip
There's a big price difference when it comes to a fancy cut of meat like New York strip and a less luxurious one, like flank. Strip makes its way into the poshest metropolitan restaurants, while flank sees more backyard barbecues. The reason is that …
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