Schoolkids Served Six-Year-Old Lunchmeat

Schoolkids Served Six-Year-Old Lunchmeat
One cook “making a stink about it said it smelled so bad, they made gravy to put over the meat to give it a smell and give it a better taste,” Herrell said. It's unclear how the old pork was still in school freezers—or was even able to pass muster to …
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Make the best barbecued pork ribs with these tips
His choice for pork ribs are spareribs, but baby back ribs are popular and easy to cook too. If you can find heritage pork, such as Berkshire pork, give it a try — it has great flavor and juiciness (unlike the pigs used for most supermarket pork …
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Muslim fury after Aldi sells 'halal' pork snacks
SHARE PICTURE. Copy link to paste in your message. +3. Muslim customers have told of their outrage after Aldi stocked a product with a 'halal' Health Approval Code despite it containing traces of pork blood and skins. After being contacted by outraged …
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