Reader's Recipe Swap: five-minute desserts

Reader's Recipe Swap: five-minute desserts
So for your chance to be crowned Guardian home cook of the year, send us your recipes by 3 June – upload them with your pics if you have them to GuardianWitness or email your suggestions to by noon on Wednesday 3 June.
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6 Classic Dessert Recipes Helping You Become a Master Baker
Before you try your hand at baked Alaska, tiramisu, and macarons, we suggest starting with these 6 classic recipes. From basic chocolate chip cookies to tantalizing brownies to a magnificent pound cake, these desserts are perfect for casual get …
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Slow-cooker sweets! 5 easy dessert recipe you can make in a Crock-Pot
We know why you love slow cookers. It's the hands-off, set-it-and-forget-it ease that makes it a cook's best friend when it comes to preparing dinner. Those same qualities make it a baker's buddy, too. Yes, it's true: You can make cakes, puddings …

6 Cocktail Style Dessert Recipes You Can Make at Home
As much fun as it is to sip a cocktail during the evening hours, incorporating the flavors of your favorite drink into a sweet treat might be even more delicious. Try out one of these 7 recipes at your next get-together for a party no one will forget …
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